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Right. I’m back in Berlin. This could be a wonderful line if the town I had to leave wasn’t Edinburgh. Not that Edinburgh compares to Berlin in any way, but … Continue reading

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Illustration by jaqian Everybody has a weak point. A point that other persons ought better not to cross. A point were one gets angry. I, for example, don’t like to … Continue reading

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…peep… peep… Well, I think I’m more or less back to live. The past two months were a little bit stressful. But no worries, slowly but in time I’ll retell … Continue reading

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One thing that struck me, when I first arrived in Edi was not only the fact, that almost every building had a front- and most of them a rear garden … Continue reading

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It rains. It rains since yesterday. Actually it started on Friday. It didn’t stop. My laundry is still wet. I finally arrived in Scotland. Well, it’s not that bad: I … Continue reading

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Just seen at Annandale Street. Seems as if someone was a bit in a hurry tonight.

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Diharoe simply does not describe the way I’m actually feeling. I feel like durchfall. Which may connect to the fact that I have some. And I tell you… never has … Continue reading

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