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One thing that struck me, when I first arrived in Edi was not only the fact, that almost every building had a front- and most of them a rear garden (a totally new perspective for someone who grew up in that concrete desert named Stuttgart) but that almost none of the street-facing living rooms had curtains. (Whoha, kinda typical kalckhovian marathon-sentence!)
And being one of the more curious dudes of these times I of course cannot control my peepers from gazing into other person’s private lives. What I observe may look trivial to most of my honored readers. To me it offers the whole range of humanity with all its benefits and deficiencies. There may sit an old lady watching the evening news or whatever, a young man bowed over a set of drawings, middle aged women doing the washing up, ol’ guys having a siesta… just in front of my inquisitive nose. Aside from the fact that each of them offers a whole bunch of stories with a gracious character included for free… you know, I could really make use of a superheroes standard ability: being invisible. With a super sized digital SLR in my trembling hands.



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This entry was posted on 16/10/2007 by in Edi..
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