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Usually I don’t do provocative headlines sounding like the snot sniffing reply of a five year old. But it had to be.

I’m not gonna bash Arcade Fire because the music is the most dreadful I have ever heard since Queen. No. But, can anyone, Rene or Nico or Andreas tell my, what in Gods name is so magically in these songs that the only thing you produce is stammering?

My mother listened to Bruce Springsteen, guys. I mean, he is really god. But his songs are glamurous and sweet like my old grandma’s pillbox. Their charisma compares to the aura of a saint and they groove as much as a warm applepie. With cream.

No. Arcade Fire is milk and honey. Warm. And against illness. Rock sounds another way.

For those who still don’t believe it – listen.

Additional Pulp: And song titles like ‘Anicrist Television Blues’ are blatant enough to give me the heebie-jeebies – but they don’t add no fucking zest.

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22 comments on “ARCADE FIRE SUCKS.

  1. Greg Wilcox

    Here here! The Arcade Fire will be forgotten, you will all see. They are ALRIGHT. All this hype is ridiculous. They are not saving music or making indie music important again. Good grief, its like a bunch of mediocre musicians just got together and said “ok, lets just play a simple chord progression over and over for 7 minutes and layer it to sound like its really cool”.

  2. Christine

    go to a live concert and you will see why they’re so magical.

    • Bill Wangdoodle

      Is the hitting things with potted plants the best part, or is it the guy who plays the keyboard like a cross between Carol Merrill and David Copperfield? Or maybe it’s that weird girl with the big forehead who pretends that she’s confused and upset by her own lyrics?

  3. Kent

    Ha Ha Ha.
    I really don’t have anything to say about Arcade Fire.
    They’re just a band.

    You want a good band? Try The Smiths. They have some good tunes.

    But who really cares either way?

  4. Fitz

    The Arcade Fire are in no way bad. Just because they are different from what you normally listen to, and don’t fit into your grudge filled tastes, doesn’t make them bad. All the things you say they are lacking, are things that I find most wonderful about them. Especially on their first album. There is no good or bad art. Same goes for music.

    • Tad Catranis

      Arcade Fire is an overrated, but more importantly, very young (try and argue with that) band which will proceed to releasing another album which will have lots and lots of spin, nme, and pitchfork reviewers,’totally underwhelmed,’ by it’s, ‘derivative feel,’ and left, ‘thirsting for some creative expression.’ They’re not going to apologize though, for declaring them incredible and selling millions of records for a bunch of unpracticed trend hopping musicians and one terribly idiotic lyricist with a shitty affected voice and a borrowed Bob Dylan ego.

      I actually like arcade fire but it’s all true.

  5. King Crimson

    Yeah they suck. But so does Bruce Springsteen. HAHAHA!

    Both are boring and devoid of anything musically interesting.

  6. failure

    I think this “indie” crap sucks anyway. The only person I hear these days that is REMOTELY revolutionizing music is drøne.

  7. Georgeo

    I hear you..I really wanted to like these guys given they are a Canadian band and had so much hype..but..they are terrible. Their song writing is banal at best and music tends to be on the rather flat, unchallenging spectrum. I honestly don’t see anything new, novel or unique with this band..just CanCon hye

  8. CanadianRocker

    They are terrible and sooooo overrated! People need to stop making a big deal out of that mediocre band….
    Wanna hear good music? Try The Smiths, Morrissey, UFO, Rainbow, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, Helloween etc

  9. mike

    I used to hate ‘indie’ music when I was only into Rock Music. Then I got older, and decided that opposing a style of music based on it’s genre was stupid. It’s a cliquish mentality that belongs in highschool.

    Now I can listen to Zeppelin, The Smiths, Pixies, and Ministry in the same hour.

    Arcade Fire still sucks though.

  10. fezq

    arcade fire are the most overrated band of the past decade. people still want to see them as a little indie band, but the fact is they’ve gotten pretty huge. And, so has most of ‘indie’ for that matter. The new indie labels are becoming the next version of major labels.

  11. Topsy Tripsy

    Snow Patrol and Arcade Fire… why don’t we just throw them all into a boiling cauldron of oil? That’s what they deserve. Literally the most talentless batch of primates to stumble onstage and yelp into a microphone. Well, if they want to act like apes, so will I- next time they come around I’m going to their show just to throw a big handful of my shit in their faces.

    • Bill Wangdoodle

      Snow Patrol has one good song (Shut Your Eyes). Arcade Fire is 100% suck balls.

  12. wqerytwet

    Arcade Fire sucks. I’d rather hear a bunch of cats dying than this garbage.

  13. themackerprogram

    das tun sie nicht, bratze!!!!

  14. sljfkdlskjf

    arcade fire is bullshit. if you wanna listen to an indie band that’s actually good and understand each aspect of the song’s musical notation then i would listen to MODEST MOUSE they basically let the mainstream know about indie anyways. if anyone even thinks about compare that shitty fucking arcade fire to modest mouse i think i just might lose it.

  15. RaussIsAFaggot

    Whitesnake and Destruction’s new albums >> Arcade shit

    Oh wait, I mean Arcade Fire the worst band ever, well who cares?
    Whatever it’s their name still suck, they are just soft talentless crap

  16. Whitehawk

    I don’t see why there is so much hatred for Arcade Fire. The lyrics to The Suburbs were so well written and hauntingly beautiful in delivery. They remind me of that lingering feeling of lost innocence found within David Lynch’s world of disturbed suburbia. After listening I am a fan though I agree that comparisons to OK Computer are a bit too far. Radiohead’s opus is one of my favourite overall albums and Radiohead shows good variety in style of music within OK Computer compared to a one shade that The Suburbs paints. Still I give Arcade Fire’s newest album **** out of *****

  17. Alex Iles

    You talk about Arcade Fire sucking in such a ‘matter of fact’ way, in reality it’s all what people’s taste in music is, I find Arcade Fire shit, but that’s just not my style in music, I listen to stuff some artists people hate: Coldplay, Snow Patrol, I actually quite like them, whereas you might call them slow and sentimental,, they don’t suck in a way you say, what you should have called this blog is ….. ‘I find Arcade Fire’s music bad’.
    Anyway, all this fuss over modern music, who cares? Don’t get angry over whether music is overrated or underrated, If you don’t like musicians, is there any need getting heated up about it? Listen to what you like, not what you don’t, and that can be an end to it.
    I think ‘haters’ are assholes.

  18. Bill Wangdoodle

    Personally, I think the only reason they’re popular is because some guys want to bang that retarded girl.

  19. CuTRis

    I saw this band on SNL and had to turn it off before they finished. Maybe it got really good at the end…


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