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Alright. Today’s the second day, that I’m at the re:publica. It’s hard to say how well-known this event is, at least outside of this specific subculture. The subject, in its vaguest description, is ‘the internets’ and ‘new media’.

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Soundtrack: Evan P. Donohue – Irene Alright. We survived Irene. Well, as a matter of fact, surviving isn’t exactly the correct term. It practically blew over. The media (media in … Continue reading

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I thought the jet lag should have vanished by today. It didn’t. Only my proudly earned experience in dealing with less-to-no-sleep environments could attribute to me being  still up and … Continue reading

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Well, apparently this is New York. I must say: I quite like it. Currently I’m suffering from a massive jet lag and honestly, I don’t even know how I keep … Continue reading

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… are a the most ingenious atavism the the human race still inherits. Especially when it’s raining cats and dogs, and me forgot his umbrella.

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I love to go boar hunting. I love they way they grunt and pose with their tusks. I love the significance family has for them and how fiercely they protect … Continue reading

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Right. I’m back in Berlin. This could be a wonderful line if the town I had to leave wasn’t Edinburgh. Not that Edinburgh compares to Berlin in any way, but … Continue reading

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