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Welcome to the rabbit's hole. A blog on pulp.

About Pulp.

Who are you?

Well, to quote Slatibartfass: Never mind. It’s a complicated name and I would rather not bother you to memorize it.

Why in God’s name do you think this crap might interest me?

I don’t. Actually I just started this blog to practice my English and because I thought it would be a nice platform to publish my texts. Well, the texts turned out to be a major problem, because creativity is a strange thing. It seems to drain out of your mind as soon as you try to do something with it.

I thought this would be objective journalism, mate!

Well. Skip thinking.
This is a blog. B L O G. Highly unobjective, sometimes subversive but mostly egocentric. I abandoned rules that even slightly had to do with the ideal of journalism shortly after I entered this branch. No one cared. Subjectivity is something you cannot rule out in documentation, so better state it before and then give a shit about it.

But the madhatter drinks tea, doesn’t he?

Yeah? Really? I’m surprised. I’m drinking coffee, anyways.

And you’re sitting in a rabbit’s hole… ?

Well, actually I thought of it like a kind of metaphor relating to the subject of creativity and madness and stating the art of… oh, you know what? Yes.


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