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It rains. It rains since yesterday. Actually it started on Friday. It didn’t stop. My laundry is still wet. I finally arrived in Scotland.

Well, it’s not that bad: I had nearly three wonderful weeks with the sun burning down like she wanted to make up for the spoiled summer. But when I climbed up North Berwick Law at Friday the clouds approaching from the west did not look like they planned to stay for a short rest. Nevertheless, the view was fantastic and I first discovered what Captain Haddock would have called a guano hump. A gigantic pile of bird’s shit accumulated on a rock just a few houndred feet from the coastline.
Less shitty but also quite a quest are my pupils – which is not primarily because they are so terrible as pupils but because they are so unbelievable shy. And I certainly don’t look like the big hairy monster with the long teeth, do I?
Most times I don’t. But even, or should I say, especially the Advanced Highers don’t dare to speak a word not to think of asking a question. I feel like a clown who’s only purpose is to entertain those guys sitting in front of me their eyes widened like rabbits facing a cobra. The children from the lower ability classes are a bit more selfconscious: they even gimme a cheer when I enter the room.
Maybe that’s why I prefer to teach them – even if their attention span is about ten minutes. Every additional minute just ends in total chaos. Someone gets up, starts hitting someone else or just goes to the bin to stuff away his chewing gum. They know exactly what they are allowed to and what is definitely a step to far – and throwing away their chewing gum is a duty as well as fetching the pencil or whatever just fell from the table. It’s just, that the pencil sometimes fell a bit to far away from the table.



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