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Well, apparently this is New York. I must say: I quite like it. Currently I’m suffering from a massive jet lag and honestly, I don’t even know how I keep my eyes open. Everything is a dizzy haze and the humming of passing cars mixes with the chatter of the people passing under the fire escape I lodged myself upon.

Went for a small walk to the times square. Too many people for my taste. The radiant aura (auras? aurae?) of the neon signs, dipping the texture of everything around them in shades ranging from deep purple to ice-cold blue. It felt like a huge swirling festival of consumerism. It felt alive, however, like the fast pulse of an animal half asleep.

Walked down back to 8th avenue. As far as I can tell this is rather the slower veins of the city. Reminds me a lot of Edinburgh. Shop after shop nested into four story buildings with a huge front ant not a lot behind. And man, these girls. Honestly, this city doesn’t have enough lamp posts to run against. I digress. The view is positively extravagant and my bourgeois self is pleased with wriggling its toes in the lukewarm summer air while high heels do their click clack on the street below the my suspiciously small bottle of beer assimilates to the general atmosphere.

Apart from that I actually enjoy my lukewarm beer, though I probably should have shared it in a pub instead of sitting here on my own. I’ll try that tomorrow then.


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