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Everything is set. The speeches done, the transition smooth, the commentaries written. Still, there remains one question that’s repeated over and over again: can Obama live up to the expectations he’s raised?

Spiegelfechter focused on one specific problem, which is, the new President being more than just another president in the line of 43 preceding incumbents. People all over the world project their hopes on his promised policies, him being rendered by the Democratic marketing machine as the antipode of a president that polarised the political world in in a way that has hardly been seen since the iron curtain raised.

Allegedly the Obama administration seeks not to be measured to Franky Roosevelt’s 100 days in which he set up the legendary New Deal. However, the inauguration speech clearly drew a direct line to that of his famous predecessor. In switching the tone from a general level to an almost political agenda, addressing several of his plans during the oncoming presidency, he almost copied Roosvelt’s speech from 1933. And he did set many goals: reform of health care and educational system, shift from oil based to regenerative energies till 2010, renovation of the federal infrastructure. That’s not just huge, that’s a New Deal accompanied by an ideological shift towards almost green ideas.

But is it? It would be idle to dwell on interpreting the speech – in a few months we will have the answer. What really matters is the question if there just one interpretation. Or can we suggest that there may be another way, that the ideological shift is a nice-to-have rather than a obligatory element?

Ultimately Jens may still be right: the constellation Obama versus Bush may be no more than a medial projection on what could be just a slight shift in priorities without abandoning general U.S.-paradigms. Time will tell, anyways.



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