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They’ve gone completely crazy, so they do. Who? The urban planers in my oh-so-beautiful hometown, of course. I thought Trump-Tower, Stuttgart 21 and the New Fair on the Killesberg were already enough. Big plans for a city having scarcely more than 500,000 inhabitants. Now they published the plans for another exorbitantly expensive architecturally… let’s say: problematic project:

The Da-Vinci-Project will be placed between the Old Market, the Karl’s Square and the buildings of the Breuninger Company. What will be razed though, is not the latter celebration of concrete – it’ll be the the Hotel Silber (Silver). Not that I would specifically argue to preserve a former coordination center of the Gestapo but it’s definitely not the first one to be deconstructed in this area.

Overall, There have been numerous arguments on those projects all boiling down to two quite simple opposing views: there are the people who want to develop the city and believe they alone know best what will work and what won’t. And are those who do believe the city is nice as it is and shouldn’t be changed an ounce.

Since urban planing hasn’t exactly worked out perfect for Stuttgart in the past the criticism of the latter group definitely has its justification. So has the idea of development, you say?

Well, it certainly has, but a third shopping mall being built next to an already existing mall? The second shopping mall in Stuttgart being built in five years? Furthermore, another shopping mall aimed for quite exclusive shops? And founded with tax payer’s money, since the local Ministry of Finance is going to rent 36,000 square metres?

36,000 sqm are more than 50 percent of the planned 55,000. If these are going to be reduced to 45,000 as the building authority demands, it would equal almost 80 percent. Renting is not building it, but that’s even worse: if they would build it, they would at least own it – thus they will have to pay extra: to make the investment financially valuable for the Breuninger GmbH and because they will want to support a local company.
And what’s going to happen to the New Castle, which currently lodges the roughly 1,000 public servants?

On what grounds does the local authority in Stuttgart claim it being reasonably to spend my precious money on this project? On a building that isn’t infrastructurally necessary, economically questionable or even going to be owned by them? Who outsourced his brain this time?

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