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Feeling new-economy-like is something that should be old fashioned by now. But who knows, probably I’m going to become old fashioned [grin.] Anyways, I feel quite like one of these new economy guys, sitting here in Starbucks, with my oh-so-smart MacBook and just opposite the Apple store while I nuzzle an espresso and wait for my digital prints to be developed. That’s something you normally might read somewhere at felix‘. Now I sit here and the funny thing is that it continues to feel unreal while I’m experiencing it.

And the view is quite stunning, to be honest.

Probably it’s because normally one doesn’t really put himself into the position of his admired idols and if you finally succeeded in doing so, it does not mean, that you’re going to feel comfortable. In fact I feel quite awkward although I really enjoy the fastness of the broadband connection and the soft background humming of the Buena Vista Social Club CD. It’s just so… artificial.

Which reminds of what I read over at Winkelsen’s: Kopien sucken big time.


4 comments on “GLASGOW.

  1. Fabs

    Dude, ye should definitely go an’ watch “Sweeney Todd” with Johnney Depp. Oh, but take someone with ye just in case ye passes out over all that blood…. ;o)

    Ahhh…. yes… Mac Book… Seems like me’s also goin’ 2 get one in the next daes. Just wanted to wait until they pump ’em up a bit more. Now that they did, there are no excuses anymore. My banking account is going to BLEED!!!

    Which kinda takes us back to the beginning: Ye should definitely go and watch “Sweeney Todd”. ;o)

  2. chéggy

    Should I, huh? Well, since you guys are definitely missing as veritable company to this kind of amusement, I must admit that it isn’t very likely to happen [grin.] But we’ll see.

    You’re getting a black or a white one? Big or small?

  3. Fabs

    I guess I will go for the one in the middle, since the only benefit of the one on the right seems to be the bigger screen:

    This time I’ll have to carry it around with me so maybe the 15″ one will be the better choice.

  4. chéggy

    I have th 13″… Even smaller, but, well, it’s widescreen [grin.]


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