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links for 2007-10-18


One comment on “links for 2007-10-18

  1. Fabs

    Salutations red brotha. It dawns on me that me and your baby sister have some slight… difficulties regarding the identification of one another. Met her two times in the last five days because your family and mine seem to be two of those families always helping out when there isn’t enough space to stuff the Polish music students into, right? Yeah, and while the first time she only recognized me after some few hours, yesterday at the concert I even waved at her – but she just turned ’round to look for the person that had to stand somewhere behind her, judging from how desperate and maniacally that chimp with meditarranean looks was waving with his arm.

    Nontheless: You two seem to share the same delicate sense for clothing in the finest of … expressionistic traditions. She dresses exactly as I would expect you to dress if you were to be of the female kind.

    Greets all way up to the highlands, bro! ;o)



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