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A wonderful performance on communism, do-gooder theories and the fact that mandkind still prefers to brain each other over studying quantum mechanics.

And for everybody who’s interested in a not overly deep breakdown of the political term ‘left’, here’s the latest issue of ‘daheim‘.

via classless Kulla


2 comments on “CLASSLESS UNIVERSE.

  1. Fabs

    Don’t know, if ye got cinemas up there, but if ye have and ye want to dream with open eyes for 2 hours, ye should go and watch Pixar’s “Ratatouille”, bro. Motion Picture goodness like it’s never been seen before.

  2. chéggy

    I know, I gotta go in there… you know, we don’t only have theatres up here, we even get the movies a bit earlier than you continental crap [grin.]


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