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It’s easy to feel at home…. All you need is a bed, some nice people to talk to and a decent coup of coffee. That’s basically everything. Every additional bit is already luxus.

If you miss the people you’ll feel lonely. If you miss a place to sleep you’ll feel outcast. And if you’ll miss the coffee you’ll find that you need something to bridge the moments you don’t know what to do next.

If found a home: the Forest is were my folks are. My flat-sharing community is were my bed stands. And both places serve coffee.

Sometimes I’m really tempted to trust in fate. Finding the Forest was such a moment. I was looking for was a nice internet cafe. What I found is a fluctuating family. Sort of. “The Forest” is a student run cafe that sets up the infrastructure for a whole bunch of projects ranging from darkroom for amateur photographers to the free shop – an institution entitled to make people swapping stuff. They would put it differently, of course:

a volunteer run collectively owned free arts and events space masquerading as a veggie cafe.

But it’s not the stuff you can do at the Forest, it’s the people that are drawn to this place. Open minded, creative, mostly alternative, of all ages and often students. The Forest somehow seems to be a weird but nice mixture of all places that I chose as second homes: a bit of Stuttgart’s Uni-WG, the people resembling the folks I met in the Ping-Pong Bar in Kreuzberg, the Coffee as good as in the Kuenstler Cafe and the veggie-green experience of the Bio-Cafe at the FU.

My flats-sharing community is different, but not less kool. At the moment we are four Spanish and me as the only German teaching them English. And I’m learning Spanish. No, in fact Edu and me created a language learning tandem: from the beginning of October, I’m going to learn Spanish. In exchange Edu’ll get some of the lessons I prepared for my  pupils. And coming home really feels like belonging there. Especially when Victor’s at home. Victor is our chef de la cuisine. And a fucking good one. And when Victor’s at home the main subject we’re talking about is food. Valencian food. And Scotish beef. From Angus cattle.

It’s easy to be at home. All you need is a nice place and a cup of coffee.



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