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Did someone notice that new category? No?

Anyways: there is a new one. Edi. For all those who dislike the other stuff (for example probably useless links on freaky internet content) and just want to know what goes on in Scotland’s supposed heart.

Staring me.


3 comments on “CATEGORIAL.

  1. Fabs

    Perplexed am I, my lad, at the sight of this very new look ye blessed that cheesy little blog of yours with. Ahm. To quote Your High… ahm… Lowness. Sir. ;o) But guess what: Back in the days of yore, while I was flipping through the different WP Themes available to poor little farts like me, “cutline” was the only one I felt comfortable with. Well, in the slightest of ways obviously but it definitely wasn’t a bad one. And it isn’t a bad one now. But somewhere in the dank and gloomy backrooms of my brain there’s a faint feeling of vexation sitting on a poky little palliasse and grinning at me whenever I think of the fact that some communist baboon in the Highlands seems to have the same noble taste as my humble little self. It goes on my thungas. It really does.

    Greetings from Uncle Fabs

  2. chéggy

    Off topic as always and in countless words his not countess, Fabs. But thanks anyways [grin.] It’s just a temporary one though. Something to make this thing a bit more personal while I’m working on the ultimate design experience for my nonsense.
    Should take not too long, since I have a new Mac now [scnr.]

  3. Fabs

    So it’s got a Mac now, has it? And starts boastin’ around about that, does it? Patience, my precious, patience! We’ll see! Oh yes, we’ll see. Who’ll call the bigger one it’s own one day!

    Oh, I forgot. There’s this nice little rhyme by William Allingham I came to read a few weeks ago:

    Up the airy mountain ,
    Down the rushing glen,
    We daren’t go a-hunting,
    For fear of little men.

    Reminds me of someone… ;o)


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