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barefoot_2While reading some René’s more ancient posts I suddenly found myself supplied with new inspiration.

I’m terrorizing this society, too. I’m a barefooter. (uh, I’ll get some additional years in hell for that)

Barefooters are the outcasts of modern society. Not even Hippies are walking around barefooted anymore. On the contrary I knew a crazy student of informatics who went around barefooted when I already thought of putting on my winter collection. For feet. Hippies on the other hand are now part of the general move towards unusually ugly footware.

Somebody tell me: why do have sandals or sandalettes or flip-flops have to be so unbelievably horrible. And why should I pay so unreasonably high prices? The most recent development are monstrous chimeras of shoes I already didn’t like combined with flip-flops. Merged it looks a clubfooted with a prosthesis attached with pink ribbons. Plus a com-plaster styled like a revolutionary rosette. In pink, of course.

And so every time the thermometer creeps over twenty-five degrees shoes are obsolete. For me. And walking barefooted not only gives you a nice provocative spice. I always feel a bit like Robinson Crusoe. Explorer’s are barefooted, aren’t they? At least those who get lost. And exploring the city with your feet slapping over cobblestone (in Kreuzberg), paving slabs (Dahlem) and asphalt (everywhere) is quite an adventure. Especially if you still try to maneuver around little stones. Which you shouldn’t if you don’t want to look like a drunken bear dancing.



  1. Fabs

    No predjudice against barfooters over here, although I prefer the female ones. ;o) Well, let’s say I _would_ prefer them if the only females walking around barfooted weren’t just bra despising fat uggos with a crush on some very alternative feng shui kind of lifestyle. But fortunately there’s grand master Quentin Tarantino making sure the aesthetic feet supply is guaranteed.

    But to answer one of your questions, buddy: I think that paying unreasonably high prices for decent footwear can definitely pay off one day. This may be a north african mindset, but it’s always better to pay some money for your personal security instead of running the risk of stepping into one of those nasty and evil ring binders from mars perforating the hell out your feet and making them bleeding all over the place, right?

  2. Fabs

    Whoops, didn’t read the post I linked to very carefully. I thought you had blogged about that ring binder slicing your foot thing. Mea culpa.

  3. chéggy

    Read, think, write…. wasn’t renaissance founded in your crabby li’le home-country?

  4. Fabs

    Readin’ an’ writin’ – no prob. It’s that cheesy lil word in the middle that causes me headache…

  5. Fabs

    Oh, and I forgt: Don’t you f*ck with me home country, a’ight!? Or I’ll take ye nose and squeeze it till ye die!


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