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Well. Nothing more to say. Most of them are basic part of my lecture since more than three months so I decided to let them stay.

One personal relation also made it back on the rollup of communicational shitwork: Mango House. A sketchblog of a friend of mine who regrettably decided against poor and glorious life of an artist to become a… ahm. Lawyer. Well.

Another Update: Quox is moblogging pictures on his blog now using his new Sidekick III. Nice again for my personal entertainment.


4 comments on “BLOGROLL UPDATE.

  1. Simon Müller

    It’s or not
    Sorry for confusing you, thanks for the link!

  2. Fabs

    Lo! Thx fo’ ‘de link, bro. Seems that constantly stalkin’ ye blog and simulating interest for you work finally pays of, rite? ;o)


  3. Fabs

    Whops. “your work”, not “you work” and “pays off”, not “pays of”. Sorry. ’tis early in tha mornin’ rite now.

  4. chéggy

    @quox: sorry. me should know it after reading your stuff constantly. as fabs said: it was… ahm. late night ;o)
    @fabs: no worries. me was havin’ sweet dreams while you were fighting you ibook ;o)


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