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Yeah. After hours of reading newspapers, listening to radio news and surfing through flickr photo-streams I have to admit – I gotta say something. I gotta say three things.

First. What in God’s holy name did this idiots think of? Radicals are no pussy cats. Yeah, they throw stones and they do it out of conviction. The problem is that half of the media, some of the so called police specialists and obviously none of the attac organisators has the faintest idea of what radicals think like. It doesn’t matter that the organizatory committee took the pink spectacles and the police chose the black ones. No what matters is that most of the journalists never did any research on left and counter youth culture.
Even if they once were part of a Maoist separatist group. They never realized that you have to update your experience. Well. So far for that.
The results are obvious. It was a scarce comfort that the tageszeitung at the third day offered of the official protest a small chapter on autonomous radical movements in Germany. Nobody reckoned that there would be what the police called an unprovoked outburst of violence.
Ridiculously. Police and State Security spent the last two months on preventive strikes against the radicals in Germany, a vital center of autonomous organization in Denmark was cleared, criminalize the protest before-handedly. Who thinks radicals can’t read takes his heading straight towards ignorance. They even communicate.

Second. Who for heaven’s sake thought there would be a positive output of protests and summit? Kueppersbusch put it in a pretty straightforward line: would you expect a general meeting mafia bosses to discuss the problems of the third world? Exactly.
And all those commentators and self imposed specialists who debate on the outcome of the meeting or the protest or both – they just want to earn money. Too.
The protest will have no effect because, if it would, it would make no sense that the summit would take place anyways. It’s the aim of the protest to make the summit redundant. And if the summit would not take place there would of course be more reason to protest against what’s going on. But there would be no place.
Both, summit as well as protest camp, are part of a ritual stating that no one will give up. The real solutions or processes aren’t part of an one-week meeting. And sitting around a nice bonfire lamenting over third world’s poverty never did anything against it. The ritual is one for the media, in a wider sense for the public and throwing stones is and putting fences up, too. It’s necessary to gain the attention of those who read about Knut and his relatives during the rest of week. And on weekend about the stone-throwers. Interesting species, ain’t it?

Third. Who on earth thought that the locals would love radicals that ain’t no pussy cats? No one. But why then telling them so. Radicals and even critics of globalization are neither domesticated nor tolerant. They are in the dead end of this society. And they stay there because they want to. And most of the petit bourgois want them to. And even if they don’t get up and start trashing your newly bought convertable as a statement against poverty, they still wear long hear and hear strange music.
No one in North-Eastern Germany who as a halfway decent sense of what his educated should look like will let them play with their children. Which is why it never was the aim to produce something as tolerance between those two groups. More something like a ceasefire period. For a few days.

Well that’s that. Maybe I start with a few more thesis after consuming some few more news and getting angry again. Now I’m thirsty.



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