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As one might have expected, I went on Mayday in Kreuzberg. But as you might have expected too, I was puzzled enough to miss the really interesting part. That is, throwing stones and bottles on people who deserved it. Well, nevertheless I made it to the MyFest. Which was a very lively example for the fact, that Kreuzberg is no more what politicians call the edge of society. Just because any other term would be an admittance to the word that social democracy was a failure.

However, the party was quite a good one, with approximately about eight stages playing everything from dub-music, indie-rock and ethno-styled stuff. I strolled down the streets, drank my obligatory beer and looked for the demo – which was as I already mentioned, over. What I found instead fairly compensated a demo: a Band played ‘Ton, Steine, Scherben’-Songs. That’s ultimo on Mayday. Well. If we had been at the Mariannenplatz.

Against any of my own expectations or the warning I received from friends the party was really peaceful. People were feastening and they did it in as surprisingly unpolitical way. Maybe this was founded on the late time since Kulla talked about a demo for organizers of demos. Well. Okey. it was already seven PM when I pushed through the revolutionary masses.

On my way home I observed the police relocating their troops. I was tempted to grab my camera and do a nice sprint for unauthorized photos but my nice foot still demanded much attention I skipped further healthy exercises.

A last thing mentioned: today I saw nice pictures in the so called “Berliner Fenster”: fearless policemen in front a burning car. When only a trash can was burning.


2 comments on “MAYDAY.

  1. classless

    I was talking about the demo on the evening of April 30th. Or do I get you wrong?

  2. chéggy

    Oh. Well. Mh. My fault. Embarrasing. And I call myself a journalist. Shame on me. Thanks for the hint.


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