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My wishlist for this year’s birthday:

  1. The iPhone
    I gotta have that thing. Call me geek, nerd or whatever. But since I have to live the fifth week without my own internet connection and just a phone and the obligatory internet-cafe as a substitute, I get really weird.
  2. A lifelong budget for Spreadshirt
    To produce hundreds of freaky Shirts. Like that one, this one and other stuff.
  3. The Neuromancer graphic novel
    Just for principle. And because I’m curious beyond remedy.
  4. A steam-punk-lamp
    And not just some steam-punky-looking lamp. The ultimate one.
  5. Fish.
    Because they got some, too.
  6. A new home.
    For not being forced to drive nearly half an our by bike through unlit woods. A torch could be a valuable alternative, anyways.
  7. That hat.
    A madhatter needs a hat, am I right?

One comment on “WISHLIST.

  1. Fabs

    “… the fifth week without my own internet connection …”
    *gasping for air* *choking* *dying*

    By the way: Whenever you happen to drop by one of those internet cafes, since you’re not having internet at home with a DSL 6000 flat rate like me, you can have a look at this nice little comic thingy here:

    ’bout that hat: Guess ye just provided sum inspiration for me ’cause me didn’t know what _me_ should get for _me_ birthday. But I’ll let you touch it for five seconds or so when I’ll have mine. ;o)


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