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Today I learned an important lesson. I now can claim to know how it looks inside an abattoir, that is a butcher’s shop.

The main problem is, that I tend to go bare foot in summer time. Sort of a spleen. One of dozens, in fact. Well. However, it turned out that a bottle of water spreading itself over the kitchen’s floor can be a veritable source of adventurousness. Especially if you’re doing a stunt that consists of a half turned jump backwards and the attempt to keep standing two centimetres above the ground. Which is because it’s covered with friendly glittering pieces of glass that would look wonderfully surrealistic on the terracotta tiles. Which they don’t.

The rest of the film shows a figure swearing on the upper end of the decibel scale and trying to stop the blood dripping from his right toe. Yeap. And a kitchen that looked like a butcher’s shop.


2 comments on “Ouch.

  1. Fabs

    Well, if that isn’t one proper illustration for the ole Germanic folk saying: “Stupidity hurts.” ;o)

    By the way: Could ya spoil me some details? Ye know, especially on the blood thing … ?

  2. chéggy

    ‘f course my dear friend. You know, when I finished cleaning up that mess I had a bucket full of nice red water. Smelled a little bit like blood-pudding [grin.]


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