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Since the whole republic started arguing about the question if consuming alcohol at a so called “flat-rate” the question tormented even my tired out thoughts.

While I am writing I’m actually sitting inside an overheated train with four specimen of sort sitting in front of me, with them their inevitable bottle of them. Talking and quarreling and posing of quite as much as the bunch of chicks on the opposing side of the waggon. One is even doing some movement that apparently are meant to look like table-dancing. But what they really miss is some thrill. Some exhilarating border-line experience. Like you get it on a trip. Right on LSD, or smoking nice little pipe of dope. Having dreams. Taking some hash. But drugs are illegal.

Society not only prohibited the use of drugs it also consented on drugs, hard drugs, being evil. And don’t never be evil. Since drugs can destroy a man’s existence they are the only real threat to our society that ain’t a product of society itself. If you think about it is the utmost ban a democratic society could spell. A ban that includes nearly the whole society.

Unfortunately it leaves out the group took drugs as the last chance to reach a little freedom and get rid of such bans. To provoke a small amount of anarchy. Just to have the option to return and accept that rules also grant facilities.

In ancient times those guys that left the train one minute ago went waltzing Matilda.Or they went into war. Sought the Holy Grail. Fought Saxons and freed Jerusalem. They took the eternal quest to fight the evil and do some good. Or meant to do. Which they can’t anymore because the grail is lost forever, wars seldom threaten this part of the world and the Foreign Legion nowadays isn’t very popular.

Drugs on the other hand were a marvelous alternative to the art of throwing stones at policemen. Or building a street guerilla. They were quite an easy peasy way  to oppose the bad machine a little bit and feel good at the same time. Plus you could buy them. Learning to throw stones is much harder. You still can’t buy courage.

Now drugs aren’t only illegal. They are immoral. Alcohol on the other hand is quite normal. And it’s even less expensive. Got it?



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