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1 PM well. After forcing my cell to use opera i can finally do some moblogging. The panel on citizen journalism was a little bit confuse. At least I got no final notion what cj is. Now I learn how to plan a conference using pentabarf. The CCC sends viruses.

2 PM well I’m now changing over to the workshop on fair trade computers. Maybe the green part of my communistic self need some satisfaction ;o)

2.40 PM Seems like I have to trademark ‘therabbitshole’. Since German courts take no respect on the funktion of top level domains. Fine.

4 PM Well. Now I am now seriously frightened. I participated at the workshop about data privacy in Web 2.0 and… I will end my long-lasting relation to Google. Sometime. Ahm. But the insight that nearly no one thinks about the social consequences of illegal data storage and data mining frightened me even more. We discussed about half an hour about the question how to avoid that your personal data is stored by a company or by the state. And no one was tempted to ask the question to what society such a behavior leads. Streamlined, unindivdualized and paranoid. And that’s what they already were. No offence meant [grin.]

5.20 PM Wuaaah. I hardly managed to escape the horrifying perspective to become a demonstration organisator. Against data retention. I mean – well it’s very interesting to discuss the topic. But I did not want to organize a demo for Thursday. Not again. I spent the last year on organizing and writing about demos. The writing shall go on. But please leave me alone with organizing. However, I’ll now shuffle to the Blog lecture. I need some culture.

7 PM The lecture was good. Really good. Especially the famous MC. But Rose did hers, too. Yeap. Nothing to say more. Go and see them live. They are on tour. The final event was also OK. But you could see that Jonny was, under a heavy layer of entertaining friendlyness, quite upset about some comments. Especially about those that stated that the re:publica is an event for the avantgarde for bloggers. Which it is. But I don’t think that something is wrong with that. An avantgarde has the right to see themself as one as long as they can reflect about the question, why they are an avantgarde. And as long as they try to stay one.
Enough philosophy. Let’s have a drink. In the company rooms of Spreeblick. Free beer. I love it.


One comment on “MOBLOG: RE:PUBLICA 07

  1. Erabaregoale

    emm.. very nice


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