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re:publica is well on the run right now, the weather is far better than before and me? I got to work. That’s the other side of the story. The story that I got faster a job than my enrolment at university. Universities. Something forces my thoughts to the insight that this is just another term for bureaucracy. Something. Maybe it’s just the fact, that They don’t know what you gotta have but will always know beforehand, that you won’t have it. I love it. Omniscience rules. Especially at a university’s administration.

Well. Nevertheless, on Friday I will finally grasp my chance an do it. I’ll go to nice re:publica. At least someone has to blog about this ‘national’ internet-event using an internationallanguage. Unfortunately I never learned Esperanto.

I think I’ll visit Cityblogs and Citizen Journalism, the Pentabarf System for Conference Planing, From Sender to Reciever and Metaverses. A historical and contemporary overview. In-between I’ll run around and shot dirty analogue photos which hopefully will be online one week later.

PS: The big hairy monster which is really nasty is also there.



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