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I moved. Not my blog. My life. I moved to the city most people in Germany move to. Berlin.

And as every new citizen of a big metropolis I feel somehow overwhelmed and brim with questions. For example: what does a nicely gnawed scapular bone in the front garden of my new residence? I doubt that the boars put it there. The fence wasn’t trampled on, at least.

Another question: why doesn’t that f*ing bus in this f*ed up hicks-ville between 8.40 and 11.30? I’m almost certain that there is no hour a inhabitant would not try to escape this tristesse. I don’t know.

Well, despite arctic cold and permafrost soil Berlin is a great city. It even has internet cafés with Macs. And that’s shurely a fantastic advance to Stuttgart. And I need a camera. Smoothing lomo-style. And a scanner. I need a new home.


One comment on “BERLIN #01

  1. Fabs

    So, shipping up to Berlin, are we? Man, can’t believe nuthin’s happ’nin’ up there in the beloved capital of Goode Ol’e Germany. Or ye got jus’ too much bidness to take care of, takin’ away even the smallest smidgen of time to write sumthin’ fo’ ye olde friend Fabboman in yer blogue? Careful, fella. Write sumthin’ or face the inevitable and gruesome destiny of those who are sentenced to suffer the capital punishment of sheer and unmeryful being ignored by Master Fabs, Sun Of Yer Wicked Li’l Life, homey. Cheers. ;o)


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