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… is not allowed iat StudiVZ anymore. This is at least the opinion of Udo at law blog. I suppose I got to get out of this shit as fast as possible. The only problem is: it is awfully useful. Of course youcould stay in contact with your friends in ways as versatile as a chameleon. Mail, SMS, Phone, E-Mail… the world is full ofcommunication devices.

The wonderful feature of StudiVZ, Facebook or similar components is the social force of a community that, once you paricipate, starts controling your communication. Everyone is inside, so you gotta be there, too. And don’t try to stay away more than two days. You can’t come back. It’s like the peer group I never had. Someone cares about you.


One comment on “POOPING.

  1. Fabs

    Whoa, I didn’t check in for more than a month now. And I don’t really have the intention to do it again. Too many law students there… ;o)


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