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Did you ever once had the idea that Germany is one of the countries which deliberately violated  human rights for the past 50 years?

Me neither. Nonetheless, according to the UN Special Rapporteur Vernor Munses Villalobos the FRG belongs to the axis of evil education. Stating that Germany’s

propagierte Integrationspolitik als Politik der Absonderung ausgelegt werden, die letztlich dazu führt, dass die meisten behinderten Kinder eine Sonderschule besuchen.

taz 5.3.07 abridged version of the special rapporteur’s report

Sounds pretty strange to you? Well, one might think since the PISA studies something happened at Germany’s schools. Since the past three years politicians talk of reforming the old school system. Even Bavaria thought of introducing full time schools. Not to mention tons of competitions who has the most elitist institutions.

However, it didn’t occur to anyone that this could be the central problematic? Just the German term for its special school for subnormal people hints at the underlying reason: Förderschulen. The translation amounts to something like ‘encouraging school’. A somewhat central term in education politics over the past twenty years.

‘Encouraging’ can carry very positive aspects in its meaning, nevertheless, the republican conscience tends to associate not solidarity, not the aspect of including someone – quite the contrary it features the idea of an social elite.

Sometimes I just get the odd feeling that all this counts to the remnants of the so called Millennium. But the idea of elite nonetheless seems to be buried quite deep in our conscience. Maybe that’s another reason why the secretaries of state rose in a general clamor of disagreement. You have to be pretty bold if you accuse an United Nations officer of being subjective and without a clue of the overall situation.

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