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The automotive industries return. The republican reconquista of the market for ecological neutral vehicles has begun. The empire strikes back!

This was the general tone of the statements you could watch yesterday on German television. Man we’re so perfect. German Qualitätsarbeit beats chink stuff. Yeah.

Mercedes produces a smart that has – as originally planned – nearly a consumption of three liters per kilometer. Volkswagen gues Blue Motion. Whooha. That’s how we like it. We’re the best.

What no one mentions is the fact that most of those cars are not even merely ecological. The productions processes’s energy consumption is much higher than that of ‘normal’ cars. This lies in the strategy of German industry of the past ten years. Instead of of optimizing the engine they chose to optimize the chassis. Super-light components, aluminum, carbon fiber materials and even titan are used to malke the cars lighter and thus minimizing their fuel consumption. But not the engines. Hey, we got no speed limit, we gotta have strong stuff inside our babies.

I once heard the story of a German stopped by the police in New York for exceeding the speed limit. The officer cast a look at the buddy’s passport, grinned and said: “Oh, you’re from Germany. OK, you can’t drive slowly. Go on.”



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