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Anke said it, and Fonsi and Lanu, too. I and I’m saying it. I won’t stop reading Spreeblick. I’m no dogmatic. And though I tinkered with the idea of going to re:publica I will not stop do not going there. Ahm right?

René wrote his own long plea why it is right, Henning told me why and Jonny already answered all questions. But I can’t help my self. It all sounds bullshit.

I mean, I understand you’re all putting hell of work into this shit. And most of the blogosphere is pure pulp. You’re the cream. You made it. Right?

And it’s alright. You need no justification to feel right. So don’t give us a fucking one. We don’t like to be played for sucker. We’d like to be told the truth. Like in the old times. When bloggers did’t gave a shit on political correctness and rebellion was a commendation to us.

Today a saw some documentation on TV. Beckstein and his pals were interviewed and all was cut together with scenes from the Nockherberg. And Beckstein, yeah Beckstein, and I do not really like this guy, said he could understand why Fisher acted the way he did. Bacause he made it. If I would recieve a call from Princeton I would have gone, too.

And that’s the point. Once you’re up there your damned proud. And that’s okey, because you worked off youre ass to get up there. And every time you time you try to convince us that you’re still one of us that fucking hurts us. So stop it.

Aristrocracy survived more than fivehundred years on this simple insight. Do not make yourself common with the people. And we’re going to be monks.

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