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I moved. To WordPress. Hey, yeah, I know WordPress is the most ordinary, boring and unfreakyshest way to do a blog. But hey, it’s simple. And I must admit: you can do more with their layouts than one might think. I am on the verge of saying, WordPress is the Mac of Blogs, but… nah, that would mean that those guys would stop copying and inventing some own ideas.

Nevertheless, they are very good at merging existing ones and fifteen bucks a year isn’t to much.

Yeap. I admit. I started paying for things. Nothing I am very proud of, but the times of second rate things are over. As for blogger, as for me. And since there where some rumors about google making its users paying of for all those fabulous services even in real stuff, I thought that sometimes a change could set free some new creativity.

The design by the way is quite Hemmingwayesque still, although the theme I picked is named ‘White as Milk’. The Hemmingway one looked quite kool but would not work with my bookmarks so I sacked it. There will follow something more opulent. In time.



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