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Did I ever mention by accident that I call myself a communist? If I don’t I did it now. Well, it doesn’t matter anyway, unless you don’t want to lead a really excessive discussion about Marxist theory, prejudices and organized provocation.
However, there are still some remains of the USSR left. For example in Unterzögersdorf. Which is somewhere in Austria as GoogleMaps told me.
It’s an adventure which as I thought died out in 1998, when with Grim Fandango the last game for PC Lucas Arts produced disappeared from stage. This one depictures the authentic atmosphere of post-sovjet era combined with the ethusiam of you as the main figure.
Originally the game was planed as piece of performance art but in 2005 became realized as a fully playable adventure. But I don’t want to talk: look and enjoy the charming nostalgia of communism and its lost ideals. (at least to some)



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