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OK. I found my alter ego. I am doubled by Brent Sienna. And I hail to his great Steevness. The iPhone has come upon us. A revelation.
When I followed the big Masters Keynote on Engaget and MacRumors I simply freaked out. I overdid it in such a way, that every single person in the room quit and left me alone. But hey. The iPhone is simply kool. No, it ain’t just kool. It’s the thing I’ve been waiting for years. I didn’t know, that I am a Switcher, but nonetheless: if it hadn’t been Apple introducing this THING, I would have hailed anyone. Now I am hailing Steeve.
He said one simple sentence during his keynote.

It’s the internet in your pocket for the first time ever.

And it is. David Pogue says. It must be. Say what you want. I confess to geekdom. And I’m going to save my money till iPhone-Day. Which is in approximately nine months. A lot of time. An awful lot of money. It’s worth it.


5 comments on “NERDISH BY NATURE.

  1. Fabs

    Boy, do I hate people who steal my taglines… ;o)

  2. chéggy

    It was already my tagline, man, and I think about making a Shirt with this “tagline” for month. So, go weeping, homie ;o)

  3. Fabs

    Oh yeah, sure. And you were just keeping it a secret for 2 and a half years like apple did with the iPhone…. ;o)

  4. chéggy

    ‘course. After all good ideas are always copied by those who miss them [grin.]

  5. Fabs

    So in the end you admit that you’ve proven guilty of idea theft? Not wait, it’s called idea communism, right? ;o)


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