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Now it got to Germany: Hillary Clinton is NOT named after the mountaineer Edmund Hillary. It was written in the NYT, spread over the hole Internet and now – well, what’s now? Maybe some of those bloggers should have read Urban Legends References.

Because then they would have seen one small piece on information which I would like to quote:

Last updated: 25 June 2004

Urban Legends Reference Pages: (Hillary vs. Hillary)

Which is approximately about two years ago. Two damned years. Then the NYT found it, thought it interesting, took a small call to Mrs Clintons propaganda institution and published it on October 17, 2006. It took another week to cross over the ocean where it got published in one of Germany’s smaller newspapers, named taz.

But why on earth did nobody of those highly intelligent and differentiated writers took the small expense to do an inquiry? And what is the evidence anyways?
No one ever made fuss about the story until today. Today, that is a few weeks to the elections of U.S. Congress and about two years to U.S. presidential elections. Well and Hillary Clinton goes for congress in the beautiful state of, guess what, New York.
Now, why would that be of interest to the biggest newspaper publishing in this very state? Maybe because it would increase the sales pay? Hum.

It would be interesting news, if one could claim that the former first lady had claimed her special connection to the famous alpinist. But she didn’t, in fact, to quote ULR once again,

none of the many Hillary Clinton biographies we checked so much as mentioned the story, not even Living History, her 2003 autobiography. A staggering amount of information has been published about Hillary Rodham Clinton in her lifetime (going all the way back to her days as a Wellesley College graduate in 1969, when she was featured in Life magazine) — isn’t it odd that a basic fact such as how she got her name has been disclosed only once in all that time?

Urban Legends Reference Pages: (Hillary vs. Hillary)

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  1. Fabs

    Lo! Just found some nice thingy here, maybe ye know it already:

  2. Anonymous

    hab dich gefunden! ok, war jetzt auch nicht so schwer.
    schöne photos da bei flickr. ja, freu mich auf die post *zwinker*
    — kennste


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