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I found a new plaything. It’s called Flock and it’s just kool. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s just outfreaking kool. Ok. For those chaps who haven’t already clicked on the link and are irreversibly lost to the charm of Flock now a short description.
You know the term Web 2.0? Well Wikipedia aktually says it was coined by O’Reilly Media describing all the woundeful new services which where invented over the past one or two years. I don’t like it.
Oh of course, I am using flickr, I sort by feeds in Bloglines, I write at two blogs and I periodically use things like YouTube. Lately I arrived at which I rejected twice and now accepted it beeing nice. I even stumbled over when my sister told me about and yeah, I admit: I use GMail. And GmailChat. And all those other Google-services like GoogleDocs, GoogleAnalytics and GoogleCalendar. Even if I have a slightly nervous prickle creeping upwards my spine each time I log in.
But people using the term Web 2.0 usually do not have the slightest idea of what this is all about. I mean, I am not Alan Turing or Paul Baran. I do not even have the slightest idea about information theories. At least not more, that you can collect from various articles. And some books. Including the Hitchhiker’s Guide.
But many of those writing blogs, doing podcasting, mobloging or any other kind of new media journalism don’t even know about such things.They fight bravely for the freedom of speech and information, they announce flash mobs and organize in lobbies. But what they don’t do is what they should: spread information and think about it. Information that is worth to spread. If one claims to be part of a community struggeling for freedom and truth believing in the ultimate power of news and decentralized media then he should at least know how those things work. One should anticipate the problems of a world-wide network, which cannot only spread information but which also allows to gather it.

Anyways. Flock is the perfect plaything for those who chose blogging as their hobbyhorse. It is in fact a blogging machine. It integrates various webservices, bloggingplatforms, techniques and sources and all in all makes life easier for a blogger. Which is, I confess, the reasion why I am blogging right now.
If you would take all the Web 2.0 applications and combine them in one (not Web 2.0) application you get flocker. It integrates and remembers your Flickr Account and your Blogger, Atom, Movable Type account as well as any other account on a blog hosted on a server using WordPress, Typepad, LiveJournal or Drupal. You have an own blogging Window which enables you to save your posts locally on your harddrive. If you’re done you can post in on any of the previously remembered blog accounts.
Additionally, Flock does even more: it combines those services in a relatively simple way. On top of your browsing-window you can open a bar showing a photostream of any User you enter. Or you can search all public photos for tags. Uploading new photos to flickr or photobucket is way easier than with original the frontends of the services. Taging, entering a title or description for each photo, rotating, croping – everything is possible. Combining this with blogging services goes a step further: You may, for example, find a photo on flickr you want to blog, so you just open a barand drag the photo into your new posting, by the way chosing the size of the photo. Just nice.
The search bar is also expanded an shows four hits from google as you type. And you can share your bookmarks with other computers using

It’s based on the Mozilla Organizations’ Gecko engine, so it is also, first: relatively secure, and second: a good and fast browser. But it is not only based on the Gecko rendering engine it inherits the core browsing engine of the Firefox Browser. It’s themable, works with many converted Firefox-Extensions and thus can be expected to be improved.

All in all: good work, mates. Well. If I could get it portable it would be just perfect. Since I lack my iBook now. But that’s another story.


2 comments on “WEB TWO POINT ZERO.

  1. Fabs

    Mornin’ comrade. May I humbelly (comes from belly, right?) draw your most honorable attention to one most unimportant inattention of yours? Not having the slightest intention to interfere with the undescribable delight your last posting will undoubtedly bring to the masses, I just wanted to point out, that the text “Google Analytics” doesn’t point to the page it should link to, I suppose. Instead, one guy clicking there is directly taken to the Google Calendar page. I can’t sleep at night hearing that tortured soul of a link screaming for fixing. Could ye please to something about that?

  2. chéggy

    Done homie.


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