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Sometimes I just wonder in what kind of state I live. I mean, I am not going to lament about, what kind of state this actually is simply because I don’t know and I think not many are able to give a honest answer to this question.The country I live in is called Federal Republic of Germany and claims to be a western democracy with christian culture. Ok. This country now had one of his citizens, a man named Murat Kurnaz, arrested in Guantanamo. Kurnaz is described as a young man who appartently searched for a meaning in life. Well, don’ t we all?
He found this meaning in an islamic fundamentalism, which could be one reason why he flew to Pakistan only 22 days after 9/11. He was captured there and is transported to Guantanamo. Now, about three years five years later Murmat Kurnaz is realized and found not guilty of terrorism. Well, that’s part of the story, but not the story itself.
The story goes this way: Murmat would have been released by the U.S. government if the German government had consented. They didn’t. In fact they stated, that the had no intrest in returning him from Guantanamo and would have deported him to Turkey in that case. This only got out, when Germany’s secret service, the BND was investigated in course of another affair. Obviously someone inside the government decided against Kurnaz – and for four further years in Guantanamo. It is not important, who this was, but it would be interesting to know why they decided that way. And evidently they didn’t change their minds: after a request of the leftist party, the government succintly replied

The political and iuristic view of this case through the federal government did not change.

The Department of the Interior even imposed a blockade for the entry of Kurnaz, which was only put down because Kurnaz’ German lawyer intervened.
All this is usual political day-to-day work. Nothing which completely freaks the hell out of me. No, what bothers be is the fact, that the former Secretary of State, Fischer and his successor Steinmeier all the time reaffirmed that they would do everything to free Kurnaz.


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