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The Music Publisher’s Association goes on beeing completely crackbrained. Why? Because they now started to bring on action against thousands of ‘illegal’ homepages publishing guitar tabs for playing at home. Why? Because the MPA ist such an altruistic organisation that just cares about the income of their clients. That’s why it calls itself Music Publisher’s Association. The MPA went along the same procedure of every company: they first wrote a letter to the biggest ‘criminal’ because they googled no other person in charge. It is not the first time according to BBC that the publisher’s industry takes action against guitar tab sites on the internet, but it is the first time, that several companies coordinate their action over the MPA.
Lauren Kaiser President of the MPA even wants to jail some of the operators:

throw in some jail time I think we’ll be a little more effective.

Of course. And of course we shall put all those bloggers into jail, who quote all those newssites, because they violate copyright law. Guitar Tabs are not even music sheets. They can be written down by every one who is able to read notes and as violating to copyright laws as the google library project is. What already read crude, when industry rallied against the filesharing networks becomes absurd if one thinks of the consequences in publishing.
What did we originally paid for, when we bought a book? We paid for publishing the book. Not for the book itself. Of course, the writer always got his part, when the publisher sold a book. But that was the deal between the publisher and the artist. Not our deal. Our deal was buying the book and if we cared about things like originality and stuff, we had always the right to chose. Then someone invented copyright, and it sounded good to all artists. Now, they had the possibility to decide who published their books and who not. And that didn’t suit the income of many publishers. So they turned tables: pressure was passed on and they rised the prices for the costs had risen.
And now, we turned the table and using the internet we refused to take costs we did not cause. We reestablished our right of relativly free information which – guess what – does not suit the income of publishers.
So what’s the point of all this? The point is currency. And every artist, who idealisticly fights for his copyright should keep this in mind – if he wants people admiring his art.


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