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I took a creative pause for over a week to find new topics – frankly just because nothing happens to me: all friends are doing vacation and I am sitting at home waiting for work to begin. What a marvelous perspective.
Well, now I got a new topic to talk shit about; things I always wanted to comment on but never did. Because they even could be called ancient so everybody already read tons of repeating information and thus my very personal view would only be one more piece of useless bullshit.
However, because this is madhatter’s blog and I am going to be as excentric as my fictional role model, I will talk shit which you and me would both define completely unneccessary – another cup of coffee? Some biscuits?
The Rainbow Orchid is a Webcomic dealing with the typical Indiana Jones-Adventure Style including the “It belongs in a museum”-part. The main story winds around a young guy called ‘Julíus Chancer’ who astonishingly resembles to ‘Tintin’. The “It belongs to a museum”-part comes into action when Julius starts to search for the – guess what? – Rainbow Orchid, ignoring his lamenting mentor and teacher Sir Alfred Catesby-Grey. But I am not going to retell the whole story.
As Julius resembles to Hergé’s Tintin, the whole comic is held in the ‘ligne-claire’-style. Garen Ewing, the creator, even states that it was a concious decision to use the ligne-claire. Nevertheless, Rainbow orchid in some strips lacks the dynamic of Hergé’s original. Some of the scenes look rather static though the action implies a very dynamic movements. Maybe the curly lines Hergé used to indicate fast movements would enhance the style – but heck knows, I am no instance.
But it is worth to cast a look at it. The project officially runs since 1998 but the homepage wasn’t created befir 2003. And if he does an update, it is always a pleasure to look at, although it is only one panel. Which leads back to the start – don’t worry lads, I’m trying to stay up-to-date. And if I don’t there is always some lad reminding me to do so.



  1. Felix

    yeah yeah tili picture of lennis old house isn`t it?:D

  2. chéggy

    it most definitely is [grin.]


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