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Online publicity seems to come en vogue to Since new our chancellor publishes her own podcast. Ahmadinedschad now has his own blog. He seems to lack dicipline in writing, for since publishing his first entry on August, 11th nothing happened on his blog. although
Kourosh Ziabari claims to know, that the database of the blog was hacked and thus the former entries are not reachable. Personally I wonder why there is no single comment on this entry. A very interesting development whas the voting question on “does the US and Israeli intention and goal by attacking Lebanon is pulling the trigger for another word war?” First there was an overwhelming majority of about 60% voting, no, but as I look now on the result it is pretty much balanced. Of course, nobody could expect, that the man, who is responsible for censoring iranian bloggers, wouldn’t do so on his own blog, but it needs nevertheless some chutzpa.
During writing this entry I now crawled through some iranian blog directories (containing many blogs not reachable and some that where obviously abandoned) and once more was surprised about the ambivalence of the statements. It is possible to be against violence and to congratulate the Hezbollah to their winning of the war in Lebanon. My favorite blog (in a very positive way) was this one, telling stories from everyday life to explain abstract schemes – something I still have to adapt.


One comment on “STRANGE STUFF.

  1. Fabs

    Wow, pulling out the big guns are we? Nice posting, homiebrotha. Me wanted to add some more, well, intellectual deepness to this comment but it’s to late rite now to go and dig something usefull out of my crappy English skillz.


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