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Once upon a time. OK, OK, it is really a little bit late, but hey, I know that nobody really wrote about it so I think it does not really matter, when I am going to write about it, right?
Well, OK then. Some time ago the local liberals here announced a panel discussion about “how much islam is good for germany”. Over the mailinglist of the Joung Socialists I got the info and of course I could not manage not to go there. The liberals of Stuttgart, especially those of the quarter Cannstatt already have something you may call popularity. Though it tends to have a certain haut goutte. The so called “Circle of Canstatt” was a group of nationalistic liberals who constituted themselves after a visit of Jörg Haider, founder of the nationalistic FPÖ in Austria, in 2003. They had connections to all important neonazi parties of Germany and demanded the attention of the German Verfassungschutz. Well, soon after that the liberals threw them out.
However, those liberals now announced the mentioned panel. First of all: the avarange age laid around 70 years. The opinions, too. No, that would be too polemic. In fact, the old chums sounded like a pack of disillusioned youngsters and the avarange age would have been higher without all those Joung Socialist members. They must have been walking around with great ideas about tolerance and liberality, open-mindedness and individuality. Ideas about freedom, peace and happiness. Until they were confronted with something that actually demanded tolerance, open-mindedness and liberality: people with other ideas. Another culture. Another religion. Turkish people.
And suddenly they must have been realizing, that everything they believed in was not their belief. It was merely their intention. It was just something that had sounded okey, maybe even something they believed in, when they were twenty – although that would have meant, that some of them were in opposition to the Nazis back then. Usually people experiencing this have one thing in common: they do a complete turn-around. Which they did.
Now the front line in discussion lead between a very dishomogeneous group of “modern” thinkers, who pleaded for exactly the values the other side claimed to stand for. The fact that only the smallest newspaper accounted for this event does not cast a brilliant shine on the local journalists. Of course, it was not such a big event. But some of them are liberal party members. And even a neo-liberal party should care about this. That it does not is not a sign of dignity. It is a shameful lack of interest.



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