madhatter's coffee.

Welcome to the rabbit's hole. A blog on pulp.


How often have I already told you, that I was going to post more constantly and with… lets say, less longer pauses? Well, I admit. I didn’t. I also state. I couldn’t. I gotta work down a whole bunch of life out there in the wilderness of metropolian, ahm, jungle. Yeah. And there was pretty much stuff waiting for me. And I was longing for (stop it) some free time.

Well now this blog probably won’t become the profound and sober view on reality that I planned it to be but instead I will write every (.. second?) day some short shit you can chose to laugh on just to keep yer on the track. And of course there will be some photo of my extravagant past life to illustrate my writings.
Well then lets keep goin’ on!



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