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my comrade fabs did recently a good deal of work and redesigned his blog. the sketchblog. well, there aren’t any new things on it, but nevertheless: the frame is set. hopefully it won’t be left empty.

my humble self has also some news for all those kind and highly intrigued readers out there. hum… well, at least some of you should be flattered now. come on. [HRM.]
okey, here’s the news: the fantastic and suprisingly (sometimes) informative blog with more than just a literary claim “madhatter’s coffee.” is now available at a top-level-domain which is [BUMBADADUM.] wow. that’s something, ain’t it? [grin.]

well, a nice farewell and a herby new year’s eve.


6 comments on “REALLY SHOCKING NEWS.

  1. Fabs

    Wow, Kudos to tha new topleveldomainholdingguy cheggy! Was ‘dis sum kind of christmas present by ya family?

    And I bow down facing thy high charitableness of telling tha world ’bout them humble changes in my webcrib.

    PaCo 4 life! uazuazuaz ;o)

  2. Daniel

    So since you called me an “smartass”, I have to satisfy this vocation:
    Technically a so called “top level domain” is something like .de .com and so on.
    The other thing is, before reading your answer to my last comment, I startet to belief, replacing words by words with a similar pronunciation but different spelling belongs to your very own style of writing, but since this obviously wasn’t the case last time, “know” should probably be substituted by “new” ;-)

  3. Fabs

    Ahm, sir, I just HAVE to correct this one: You absolutely cannot type, say or write ‘AN smartass’. It’s just wrong.

    To tha topleveldomainholdingguy: Maybe you should correct the link to your blog on your own website, comrade? ;o)

  4. Fabs

    And, btw: What do you mean with

    “[…] Was man hier vielleicht monieren könnte, ist die Tatsache, dass die weniger gelungenen Skribbles hier nicht zu sehen sind […]”


    There aren’t any “weniger gelungene Skribbles”! Every fart of mine turns into gold, got it? ;o)

  5. chéggy

    SO. Now mr reallysmartass is commin’! [] ;o)

    “belief” is a noun. believe would have been the right category.
    and though you art technically right with the phrase “since this obviously wasn’t”, much better style (and much more modern English, since YOU as a computer scientist are much more stuck to modern things a Shakespearian style might look a little bit peculiar in you degree disertation ;o) would be “since obviously this wasn’t”.

    postchristmasly greetings from da bastard commentator.

  6. Daniel

    The nice thing about our degree dissertations is: it’s most important that they’re technically correct and hardly anybody cares about “style” ;-)


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