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most people i know call mobiles “the biggest shit men invented since postal offices”. well, uhm, i do not particularily know, why postal offices suck – but usually i pretend some intimate understanding after those statements.
unfortunately i like mobiles as well as my personal saxonian postal officer (her accent is really thrilling) and they made me another man. know i have other things to look after than other passenger’s somatical features (especially female ones). since my mobile has a cameraphone i can shot marvelous pictures of things nobody ever wants to see. nevertheless it is also sometimes possible to make pictures of situations where everyone would miss a camera. things you see and which tell a story of live that is more vicious than a thousand words would.
these toys i found at the roof of the garage next to my habitat may illustrate what i mean. and thus i quit writing. maybe you will open your eyes and your mind.


3 comments on “TOYS.

  1. Daniel

    “but usually i pretend sum intimate understanding after those statements”
    This should read “some” here instead of “sum”, I guess.

  2. chéggy

    bah. those horrible smartasses ;o) orthography sucks!

  3. Fabs



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