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Whoa, a long time is gone since I wrote anything here. But trust me, the madhatter never dies. [hrhr.]
Well, the reason for this impertinent abstinence lies in my education. Well. At least in some kind of education. Of course it would sound rather funky, if I could state that I’m a born objector, but I ain’t.
The fact is even worse: my parents are a couple of those old Hippie-generation folks, I can’t help it, I stuck to this ideal. Whenever there is some demo, me is somewhere in the frontline. Yeah, I am playing journalist all the time, but I’m playing only at demos. [grin.]
But it isn’t so fixed. Because, when I am writing, I do it as a journalist [Well, okey. If I am writing for some news, smartass.] and most people in Stuttgart’s students protest are not very happy with this development. I’d been a little bit overcritical, ok. But seem to feel personally insulted, if someone [who’s always me.] says. “Hey, look you guys, but that’s just damn f***ing idealistic. And okey, that may work, but it will not. Not only because you believe in it.”
Maybe I should work harder on my pronunciation.


2 comments on “REPLAY.

  1. -_- streetartist -_-


    zahlst Du für den blog , da oben die werbezeile weg ist?

    [::..???? -_- Artist with .4 -_- ???? ..::]

  2. chéggy

    nope. ist nur ein bisschen simples css. ueber css-attribute laesst sich die werbezeile ganz gut erwischen ;o)


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