madhatter's coffee.

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many people. nervous laughter, a multitude of bodies, surging and quivering from one end of the hall to the other. a quivering, foraging, hectic collective; nervously frightened to miss something, frightened to be late. a human jelly greedy for more.

how much? i observe some governor, his chaps wincing, like he is trying to keep his spittle. how much. he fingers over the instrument, presses the releaser, fumbles for a lever. how much. hurried glimpse back, over gray bald heads and some isolated pony tails. how much. glimpse forward. view-finder-perspective. blinking. how much. five. the others as well. quivering jelly. persons dropping out of the mass, fingers clinging desperately to plastic bags. rushing, havering on stilettos. back. next one.



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This entry was posted on 16/10/2004 by in Stories..
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