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…you’re still talking with those gays of gays…

i am gay. that’s the true opinion of someone, i don’t know. of someone who doesn’t know me. nevertheless, he read my texts and just a second later i was able to read, what the smartest modern medicine wasn’t able to see. of course, i’m gay.

the obvious signs of this facts are my irrefutable habit to not to talk about shit, the clearly abuse of four-letter words in my daily statements of life and the idea that not talking about sex makes it much easier to do it. well.
and certainly it’s gay to talk about my inner life and do this without laughing about someone else. any objections?
but, the whole world is gay, for nobody today is really cool, nobody is able to do hard things like men do. and i mean real men. nobody likes to be mean, no one, yeah, no one else is as mean as … well. i am not mean. at least, not mean enough.


One comment on “PAUSE.

  1. Anonymous

    These gays of gays, comin’ in waves of waves on many ways of ways, hey Alter rayd’ kein Schays….
    Macaronian poetry by Fabs of Fabs ;o)


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