madhatter's coffee.

Welcome to the rabbit's hole. A blog on pulp.


at least, it is one final step among several others, which will follow in order to give you, dear user, the smartest and most excellent designed impression of my very personal [well, okey, they are not that personal.] experiences during my short and mostly unnecessary life on this planet.

well. what…? ahm. okey. and certainly it is this unnecessary life, which is so unimpressing, and everything… well. it should be interesting for you. for, you are the one, who is more unintresting than me.

well. here we go. another day in hell.


3 comments on “FiNALLY DONE.

  1. Astrid

    Another day in Hell!?!? Well, sounds exciting to me! I got my seatbelts on and am all ready to go …

  2. Fabs

    Hubbah, me little bro wit’ dem long dreadlox. Finally ya got thy blog started so now ya ready to get retarded, hömz? Me’s really lookin’ forward to read sum stuff taken directly from thy life and put right into dis page. See ya @ me crib soon, traveller.

  3. Fabs

    Bro, T’is me again. Ma had a look at that Microshi…soft thingy, but me couldn’t figure out any problems. It’s ver 5.5 I tried and everythin’ looks fine… so what?


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